Monday, July 4, 2011

Going Tribal w/ Bruce Parry

Bruce Parry

Short Excerpts:

"A man who wants to marry has to give as many as 60 cows to his bride's family.
No cattle means no wife.
(Season 1, Ep. 2, Suri, Ethiopia)

"There were a thousand Lamas in a big Monastery here.
Yes, in 1938 there were great changes.
The KGB came here and half the Lamas were taken away.

The Lamas were shot and the monastery destroyed.
The younger monks were spared and sent off to work in a factory.
(Season 1, Ep. 5, Darhad, Mongolia)

"There's nothing to see out there but snow and ice,
and what i hate most in the world is the cold."

"What value is material comfort when its cost is your freedom.
(Season 3, Ep. 2, Nenets, Russia)

"Being cut off from the outside world may seem romantic,
but such isolation can be life-threatening."

"Fish might be shred amongst the community but cash is not.
Money is starting to change things on Anuta.
(Season 3, Ep, 3, Anuta, Solomon Islands)

"A Buddha once said that all suffering comes from the wish for your own happiness."

(Season 3, Ep, 5, Layap, Bhutan)

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