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Episode. 1- Kuna/Panama

Sass Willis from Oxford living with the Kuna indians in Panama.

 Episode. 2- Waorani/Ecuador

46-year-old Karen Morris-Lanz stays with the Waorani, one of the world's most isolated tribes, deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle.

Episode. 3 - Afar/Ethiopia
Lana, 28 years old, going to live The Afar are one of Ethiopia's most fiercely independent tribes, nomadic cattle and camel herders with a tough reputation, carrying guns to protect their herds from rival clans and wild animals

"I have heard when white people get sick they die quickly."

Episode 4 - Himba/Namibia
 Yvonne, 36, going to live in a semi-nomadic tribe of Himba pastoralists who live on the harsh sun-baked plains of northern Namibia. The women are striking, covering their hair and bodies in red ochre. It is a polygamous tribe where men can have up to five wives and marriage.

"Her nose is so beautiful. Do all white people have noses like this? They put wires inside to hold them up!"

"In our culture we never say no to a man. We are always having boyfriends. When our husbands are away we cheat on them. If the husband finds the boyfriend in the hut they will fight!... But if you don't have any boyfriends, your husband won't think that much of you."

Episode. 5 - Maasai/Tanzania
Dionne, 33 years old, going to live with the Maasai, one of the world's most famous and largest tribes in Africa. They are polygamous, with men allowed to have up to ten wives.

Episode. 6 - Mentawai/Indonesia
38 Years old Andy going to live with the Mentawai in deep in the jungle on a remote island off the coast of Indonesia - a monogamous tribe where women are tattooed and sharpen their teeth.

Comments and Critics

When i saw the title of this documentary TRIBAL WIVES I thought this documentary would be about Tribal Marriage Ceremonies, Rituals and other Sex Related issues like whether their young boys and girls masturbate, or do sex before marriages, or whether wives cheat on their husbands. How do they sex, whether they kiss during sex, what about  cunnilingus, blowjobs. And Annual sex fairs when everyone do sex regardless their relation and status. Incest etecetra. But unfortunately this was not the theme. (if anyone knows some documentary on above subject / theme. Please let me know.)
The theme of this documentary  was that some English women mostly mature alone and desperate, who need environmental change for time being. Go to live with some remote tribes and adapt their life style for one month, being as their family member. Even this was the theme but this Movie Makers failed on it. I mean if some woman go to live with some tribe then she should adapt their lifestyle TOTALLY, and should surrender before their way of living, no matter what. For example If Chief  fucks a person first who wants to be part of their tribe or clan, then they should not hesitate.
But contrary these women not only don't change their clothes traditionally and keep wearing their own trousers T shirts but also use hi-tech gadgets, electronic fan and rubber boots ... And act as if they are guests and tribe is the host. Due to their this behavior tribal women also take care of then and behave them like guests.
Exception is only Part 3. Lana, she is very bold and jolly girl and once wore the traditional dress never changed it till end. And adapted her tribal life very quickly, and never hesitated if she had to take off the clothes. Even she felt tired of daily routine work but she kept doing it with full energy not as its others work at as if its own work and she must have to do it.

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